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Neurodiversity Resources

A Novel Mind Great resources for finding children’s books about neurodiversity.

Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network (AWN) Resource library, including the book Sincerely Your Autistic Child.

Beacon Press: Sincerely, Your Autistic Child About the book, Sincerely Your Autistic Child.

Monotropism A theory of autism developed by autistic people.

Why Autistic People Are Often Misunderstood (Frontiers for Young Minds) Double-empathy is a theory that helps to describe what happens when autistic and non-autistic people struggle to understand each other.

Supporting Neurodivergent Kids by Meghan Wilson Duff, PsyD The recommendations from Reader's Note in How Are You, Verity?

Autistic Teenagers' Special Interests & Wellbeing by Lisa Chapman Summary of MSc Research by Lisa Chapman in collaboration with autistic teenagers

About Monotropism The Explanation page of Monotropism.org includes a short video introduction

Marine Science Resources

Acadia Institute of Oceanography This is not for very young kids, but if you know any ten-year-olds who would love marine sciences summer camp, they might like AIO. (I went there when I was younger.)